White Clover

White Clover

White clover honey is a rare type of honey in Georgia. Gremi Company offers its customers the most delicious honey made from the white clover. In order to get the highest-quality product, the company has its own bee hives in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, above the ancient historic complex of Vardzia, more than 1400 meters above the sea level. Honeybees collect nectar from clover in late spring or summer seasons. Clover honey is characterized with rich and strong flavor. Heavy rain only contributes to the high-quality honey. Therefore, clover honey of the rainy seasons has special healing properties. The white clover, or trifolium repens, is a low-growing plant with long stems. As a pasture plant, it is in one of the first places. It grows well in often used pasture. During the whole season it gives a soft, highly nutritious green mass, which consists of a large number of leaves. The white clover is widespread in Georgian forest and mountain zones. It endures harsh winter, grows on many different types of soil, however, it prefers clay soils.  If honeybees collect nectar only from clover, then other flavors will not get into the honey and it will be cleaner. However, it is impossible to control honeybees. That is why, the white clover honey may have strong flavor of field flowers. The flavor of the clover honey can significantly change if strong flavors of eucalyptus or orange blossoms get into it.

Clover honey features: Aromas of soft flowers and leaves leave a sweet taste, white or light amber color, crystallizes easily, characterizes with floral scent, crystallizes as small white grains.

Healing properties of clover honey: Because of its unique properties, clover honey which is produced purely contributes to health. In the world it is known as a mean to regulate arterial blood pressure. Because of antiseptic properties, it helps to heal wounds.  

Regulates arterial blood pressure: Clover honey can reduce blood pressure. Taking 1-2 teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach in the morning will help us to reduce high arterial blood pressure. However, it should not be considered as an alternative to a blood pressure medicine prescribed by a doctor.

Controls the liver problems: Taking 1-2 teaspoon of clover honey will help you to deal with liver problems easily. It also prevents tumor growth and intestinal activity in the liver.

Culinary advantages: People, who suffer from various diseases and are on strict diet, can add clover honey to tea or water and it will prevent bacterial attacks.

Removes cholesterol: Clover honey prevents accumulation of a large amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels, thus, causing atherosclerosis. We can easily prevent stroke and other heart diseases by taking clover honey regularly.

Helps burn treatment: Burned skin is a high risk of body infection. Regular use of clover honey and its antibacterial properties not only prevent infections, but also help the body in the treatment, protect new soft skin. Clover honey can be considered as a better “medicine” than a silver sulfate.

Because of high sugar content and thickness, this type of honey prevents the development of lymphatic tissue and inflammation caused by burns. It helps to recover a damaged place of blood capillaries and connective tissues.

Natural sweetener: Clover honey is sweeter than sugar and its substitutes. Besides this, it fills the person with energy. It is the best way for children to treat illness.

Effective solution for coughs: Besides antibacterial and antioxidant properties, clover honey can reduce phlegm. The combined action removes dry effect especially in children aged 2-4, who are sensitive to anti-cough medicines.

Prevents aging: Clover honey protects skin cells and helps their recovery. Be careful while warming honey for skin treatment, because high temperature destroys useful mixture of clover honey and the honey loses its benefit. Clover honey can be crystallized.

  • Ingredients: White Clover, alpine flowers
  • Region: Samtskhe-Javakheti
  • Weight: 150 g,

Other products

Wild honey

Field honey with dark color is a delicious food product. "Gremi" company gains this kind of honey in Guria region. It is rich in iron, minerals and vitamins that are essential for normal functioning of the human body.

Ivy honey

Ivy honey is one of the rare product. Ivy plant blossoms in autumn season, which is why the honey is extracted in September-October. It is characterized by an unpleasant taste, with thickness it looks like cream or butter and it is light and airy.

Gudauri honey

Gremi company produces one of the honey - "Gudauri honey" - in the alpine zone, in ecologically clean environment. The bee-hives are located on the southern slopes of the Caucasus, in the small town of Gudauri, in clean and healthy environments, on the wild cherry flower carpets. "Gudauri honey" is white with bright amber color and gentle flavor, with medium sweetness, it is  honey with high tasteful qualities, with pleasant flavour of characteristic alpine zone flowers. 

Khvanchkara honey

Gremi Company offers its customers a unique product of mountain honey – “Khvanchkara honey”. This type of honey is expensive not only because it is sold in small quantities but also because it is rich with ecologically clean vitamins.

Chestnut honey

Gremi Company offers lovers of exotic flavor unique chestnut honey, which is produced by honeybees from chestnut blossoms nectar. Chestnut honey is the most powerful natural antibiotic and is distinguished with its bactericidal properties.  It is characterized with dark brown color, sweet and bitter tastes and a strong smell of chestnut blossoms.

Chestnut and linden honey

Chestnut and flowers honey, offered to the customers by “Gremi” company, is unique in its composition. The honey flavor of dark color is rich in vitamins A, B and C, various microelements, sucrose, fructose and others. 

Goldenrod honey

Goldenrod honey has one of the highest rates in the world, it is named among honey in the highest categories. Gremi gets goldenrod honey from the beautiful region of Georgia, from Samegrelo, where the plant goldenrod first spread.


Acacia is a floral plant. This type of product is one of the most demanded, selling and best products among honey. It is the least allergic from all the other honey. Acacia honey, in addition to antimicrobial and antiseptic properties it is distinguished with medical, energy regenerating and antioxidant effect.

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